I would like to express my sincere respect and thanks to my wife Connie for all the support and understanding in being a musicians wife, over my lifetime with her. That’s not an easy job and she has done it so well.
Also thanks to my parents, my Dad for telling “I could NOT do that” and my Mom for the support over the years. Thanks to my son Jerad for giving me the drive to play and be a mentor to him. Patience is a virtue. And thanks go to all the players I have the pleasure of jamming , gigging or hanging with. The list is too long to mention, But you ALL know who you are.

Thank You to Don Sharkey for giving me my start.

Thank You to Kathy James and Troublemaker for forging the “attitude” and friendship over the years.

Thank You to Paul Byron for being the hardest working musician on the Gulf Coast, being my friend and band mate.

A Big Thank You goes to my LIFELONG best friend and Bassist extraordinaire Greg Norton. And for teaching me to count to four 20 years ago. We have gone through the Rock Wars and back together, and still are. And for that I am very grateful.

Thank You to Pearl Drums for providing the Ultimate weapon for a Drummer.
There is none better. I use them and so should you.

Thank You to Zildjian Cymbals for providing the tones from hell.

Thank You Pat Travers and Greg T. Walker (Blackfoot) for the experience of road touring drumming duties with you.

And a very special Thank You goes to Eric Singer for giving me the inspiration and drive to be the best I can be. He is absolutely a Monster. Home town boy has done well for himself I would say. Thank You Eric.

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