I first met Donny Napier at Guitar Center while I was out beginning to look at the upper end Pearl Master Series Drumsets in 2004.
He was not your typical salesman. You know the kind that wanna sell you either some junk you don't need or trying sell you on some drumset you dont really want either. Donny actually listened to what I did musically and how I played to make suggestions on hardware, cymbals etc. Later after several years of buying my gear now and mostly through Donny's suggestions, I hired him as my drumtech for all the obvious reasons. Who better to manage my gear than the one that knew it better than anyone.  Donny genuinely takes care of the equipment from changing out drum heads, tuning, cymbals or working on hardware on 4 very different Pearl drumsets. Both in arrangement and purpose. LOOK AT
MY EQUIPMENT SECTION AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. He also programs my DDRUM electronic triggers and module. After over a year and a half of show after show I am convinced I have a friend as well as drumtech. He has made life just a Whole Lot Easier. He is simply awesome at what he does, and can Rock Out and abuse THE Drumset with the best of them.

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