Growing up in an era in the late 60's, one that was so instrumental in altering the way music and people's lives were affected and molded, had a profound impact on my own personal views and resolutions about life's choices, my musical outlook, communication, oneness with true self and GOD. First and foremost is my family because of that impact.

I view part of my job in life is to be a friend and dad to my children and a husband, best friend and provider for my wife. I am thankful every day for my life as it is today.
Not like most my wife has supported as well as tolerated my musical ambitions, the problems and mistakes and failures along the way that go with it, which makes the balancing act of being parent and musician at least manageable.

Like most drummers I began just beating on anything I could line up.
Cans, pillows, trash can lids,the floor and walls you know the usual shit. I played on anyone's drums set I could until one day would get my own drum set. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's before I got my first real Pearl Drums set and started my own band called MADHOUSE. College guys, we just jammed out to party mostly, but I learned from it. Over the almost 35plus years drumming I have played with a lot of bands. I have most likely forgotten some but here are just a few that I remember and probably meant the most. Zeke Dymond, The Urge, Don Sharkey Band, Legacy, The Fabulous Rhythm Kings, The Hurricanes, Troublemaker, Victim, Charlie Parker Band, The Platters, (yes the Platters) and I had the privilege of touring with The Pat Travers Band.This included the first tribute band LITD (Love it to Death) a prolific combination of great local players which included my best friend and monster bass player Greg Norton. We have put together a true Alice Cooper Tribute Show and they are all a great group of guys to play with.

In 2012 I met Jeff "Spike" Wong and put together my current project known as Guitar Clone Odyssey. A jazz/rock improvisational fusion band that is so cutting edge and the most aggressive musical form I have ever played. They are all world Class musicians with unparalleled musical ability. Each of these experiences I learned from as a player and I am moving FORWARD. I love almost any form of Hard Rock from the 70's, or hair metal from the 80's. I am also a huge fan of Funk Music. Personally I have tried to combine the two styles of Funk and Rock in my own playing style while trying to keep true to the double bass style player that I achieve to be. Ever since I played on that first Pearl drumkit, I was hooked on Pearl and I still own that kit. Now, some 35plus years later and a collection of Pearl drumsets, I now use a Bronze Glass BRX model Pearl Masters Studio Birch Double Bass drum set. Simply fucking awesome!!! Some pics of this drum set and others are on the equipment page so feel free to browse.

OK...Now.... my son is also player and has watched me play shows most of his life,SOME GOOD and some NOT SO GOOD, and hopefully he has learned from my experiences as well as his own and is moving FORWARD. He has his own unique playing style, but one thing for sure, and if for nothing else but absorption, I see me in him and his attack and approach to playing the drumset and he will be a great future drummer in his own right. Well....Now you know a little about me. Hope to see you at show oneday soon.

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